WIP: Mosaic Obelisk (update #1)

It doesn’t look like much, but that is the substrate for my latest project, a mosaic obelisk. It is made of recycled Styrofoam covered with tarp-like plastic (recycled packaging from huge bags of outdoor formula cat food), hard board (to stiffen it up a bit) sealed with duct tape, and the latest layer: wire mesh window screen glued tight to the surface with a thin layer of multi-purpose ceramic tile adhesive.

The angles are not precisely perfect but eh, it’s yard art… for MY yard (not for sale). Plan is to mosaic it with a mix of sea glass, stained glass, broken mirrors, and odd elements leftover from previous projects.

The top is flat instead of pyramid shape because I plan to top it with a glass bowl shaped solar light that I picked up at the dollar store. I bought two. The other is out in the future strawberry patch on top of a remodeled Spore.

I can’t toss broken art out, if something about it can be salvaged… that was my tallest Spore. It didn’t survive the harsh winds of a last winter storm. Of course, it had already been busted and repaired a few times, thanks to a big dog and two rowdy little boys. Here’s what it looked like years ago, with the other two when freshly grouted.

Mosaic Yard Spores, 2007

Thanks for viewing my art!