Easy Nose Wire Hack

Who knew? Old lady hair pins with coated tips are ideal for adding a removable nose wire to fabric masks for the exact same reason the idea was rejected. They’re too thin to sew in… you can wiggle it out between the threads of your stitching.

Yes, just wiggle it in between the threads of the edge seam ye a couple inches down from the center of the top, slide it on up where you want it, and bend it as desired. What’s cool is those wiggles on the pin landed ye about where I usually bend and the top stitching works like a little casing to hold it in there until you are ready to wiggle it back out without breaking a thread.

I only tried the “thin” pins… there are usually two bundles of pins per package, with one bundle of pins being thinner than the other. You can find them in most any store that sells hair products. A pack of 100 only costs about a dollar.

This will work great on the lightweight reversible “Casual” and “Summer Masks” that I sewed without nose wires, mainly because both styles are shaped so a nose wire really isn’t needed but, some people still want a nose wire.

Oh… my little online mask store is open! Here’s a link if you want to check it out: https://mice4mars.square.site/

It’s a free version “weebly” store from Square… of course, all the features I want require upgrading to the pricey mid-level of their monthly rate plans. I’m sticking with the free for now because mask sales are as temporary as this virus and I do not anticipate art sales to be high enough to justify the cost… opted not on the custom domain thing, too.

The downside is no product pages. If they’re there, I’m not seeing them. Testing shows me a popup with a bad crop of the first photo and NO way to see or even know that more photos exist. So, it was like okay… forget posting variations in one listing, create an individual post for each pattern variation and GIMP those “first” photos that do show up so peeps can see the back or lining color. It does have a Messenger chat thing, so someone could ask questions or arrange for local pickup, whatever. That’s cool.

A major perk is my items are not held hostage for potential fees (sites like eBay forbid selling listed items elsewhere) so if someone wants to buy in person instead of online, all they have to do is let me know and I can pull it off the site (so no one else comes along and buys it). Same goes if they want to buy via email with a PayPal invoice.

That’s another downside, or should I say “incentive” to jump to middle tier on the pricing plans. You have to upgrade to add PayPal as an on-site payment method. Thinking you have to upgrade for integrated shipping (ability to print shipping labels on-site) so I would definitely upgrade if sales warranted… until then, good ol’ USPS website for labels, eh?

Well, that’s my thoughts on the free version of weebly right now… of course, it’s not totally free. Square charges ye the same fees as PayPal for processing payments. If you want, check out my store and share your thoughts.

The denim/batik mask shown in photos is one I made for myself. Here’s the main photo again because I’m going to share this to my Facebook page and it always shows the last photo… yeah, gotta wiggle around all this tech stuff. Thanks for reading!