My Artist Symbol

WIP: mosaic obelisk.

If you have art in your house and you’re not sure who made it, look for the N and the bird. Of course, that only applies if there is a possibility of the art being mine. 

I’ve used my artist symbol to sign about everything since the early 1990s. It’s become so much me, that’s my signature; it’s even on a debit card. The rare pieces, if some goofball ever declares my work valuable, will be my “early works” signed before it.

My artist symbol of an abstract bird in flight crossing the initial of my given name represents art as the language of the soul grounded by my earthly limitations. Thanks for listening!

How’s that for artist statement fluff?

It is true… art is the language of the soul and we, as artists, try to translate what we experience on a soul level into something visual or another means of expression. We are limited by our ability, tools, talent, skill set, etc.

What is also true… I hated signing my art with my ex-husband’s name. Maintaining an element of peace was more important than my personal identity while parting ways. He thought using my own name, my maiden name, would confuse our young daughter. I just wanted out alive.

I started setting up pages, posting photos of old art, with Art Cards by year. They’re ACEO because I’m willing to trade or sell. Some were on eBay or other sites. I got tired of paying fees to let them sit so I moved them here.

I also started a NFS Art page. Look for Knookie Celebration on there if you want to see something signed before I started using my artist symbol. See how that distracting that is from the art? Maybe it’s just me.

I tried variations back then; played with initials. T became t and took flight as I morphed into a free bird. Yes, I eventually gained use of my own name again but still continued to use my artist symbol. There’s just something about it that feels right. I love when it blends in and becomes one with the art.

Thanks for reading! If you have a backstory on how you sign your art, feel free to share in the comments or post a link to your blog.

Switching Gears

New art supplies are slowly trickling in… has anyone tried this YUPO paper?

It’s waterproof, 100% polypropylene. And, it cuts like plastic. I learned that it will move on me, slide just a bit under the clamp down bar even when I apply extra pressure, when I try to slice it on my paper cutter. Drats! Does that means I have to use scissors?

Plan was to slice 5×7 sheets perfectly in half both ways to yield 40 ACEO size grounds from one 10 sheet tablet. So much for that… couldn’t let a sheet go to waste so I cut it up to fit some dollhouse size frames.

Found a couple old drawings in with the mini frame stash. The one on top is dated August 2012.

I want to go little again. Can’t help it. My favorite children’s book was The Borrowers and I spent hours studying the Carson Miniatures on family outings to the museum when we lived in Colorado. When it was time to go home, they always knew where to find me. Oh, scraps of YUPO might be good for making other little things.

Why do I feel the need to explain or rationalize? I like to make small art. Should I apologize to well meaning friends and relatives?

I hear their voices in my head. Why do you make little art? No one wants that… colossal waste of time.

Time. I’m 60 years old. Does it really matter to anyone but my own self?

By the way, I blew off the mask page as I’m done with that, been done for awhile… finished my chair project, did some pours… alcohol inks caught my curiosity. That’s why I got the YUPO.

Thanks for reading!

Daddy’s Pencil Case

My dad asked me to make him a leather case to hold a carpenter’s pencil and a six inch scale that he could clip onto his belt when out in his workshop. Then, he’d always have a pencil and scale handy and not have to worry about either falling out of his shirt pocket.

It’s not perfect… hand stitched by a half blind woman, not exactly square, but he’s happy with it and that’s all that matters. He’ll be 84 years old on October 23rd.

I snapped photos along the way. The leather used was 3 layers of veg-tanned cowhide, with a belt clip sandwiched between two layers cut from a leftover Tandy checkbook cover kit. The pocket is also veg-tanned tooling leather, but softer and lighter weight, maybe only 3 oz, don’t remember as it’s been awhile since I’ve done any leatherwork.

Yeah, just rooted through my leather box and used what was on hand.

Dying was an afterthought, so I took a paint brush with liquid dye down inside after he changed his mind from natural to brown. I didn’t have anything to finish it with so I just rubbed it down with leather conditioner and popped it into the mail.

This little project was good for me as it broke my mask making obsession. Half the country thinks it’s a hoax that will magically vanish on election day anyways. They say I’m scared, call me a sheep… I don’t care. Some wouldn’t shake their shoes out for scorpions or socially distance from a rattlesnake (little lessons learned in west Texas) so I don’t expect them to understand the difference between scared and just being aware.

Take care of you and yours… thanks for reading!