Opportunity, 11 x 14 inches, fluid acrylics on canvas, 2019

When a door closes, look for a window of opportunity. Awe, but no one mentions that there are, shall we say, birds of prey watching you struggle, waiting for a sign of weakness, an opportunity to pluck the flesh right off your bones.

Opportunity is wired, ready for hanging, no framing required. Here’s a view on an angle so you can see that the sides are painted.

Thank you for viewing my art!

May Day 2019

This is May Day 2019, an acrylic pour on a 10 x 10 inch wooden plaque. The painting flows over the 3/4 inch sides, so no framing required. My sister sees the black silhouette of a woman atop a cliff casting off people and things that are not good for her… perhaps because she knows me. I didn’t see that until until she pointed it out. That’s one thing I love about abstracts. The painting reveals different things to different people.

Here’s how I finished the back and how it looks on a blue wall.

It’s a good painting for my second post because it has already been posted on my other blog and I’ve yet to make this blog public.

I recently rejoined EBSQ as an artist member so I can offer their digital COA registry, but have yet to rebuild my portfolio there. All in due time. I’m slow as molasses, living life in Slo-Mo with ye 14 different things going on and weeds growing faster than grass in Ohio rainy season. It’s a nice day so I need to go out and tend some flower beds. Thanks for looking… which seems weird to say as this blog isn’t live yet, but will be soon.

One Cat Pass

One Cat Pass, 9 x 12 inches, colored pencil on heavy paper, 2016.

Since this is the first post on an art blog called mice4mars, I should explain the name… Mice for Mars, who is Mars?

Mars was Mr. Marsberry Cat, who passed in 2016 at the ripe old age of 18. He was a house cat, a studio cat, who thought he was my guardian. He spent many a day curled up at my feet while I was zoned into making art.

After he died, I told myself that’s it, no more cats… I’m too old for pets, don’t have another 18 years left in me to take in another cat. So what am I doing now? Feeding feral cats. The first was KiKi.

Oh, I tried to adopt her after a neighbor gave me a sad-sob story about a poor abandoned and abused little kitty, a female gath ddu (black cat). I agreed to take her, sight unseen… yeah, that poor little kitty turned out to be a 20 pound alpha female, the local Queen of Cats. She absolutely hated being trapped indoors. After a week, I let her go… then we developed a relationship on her terms. All she wants from me is food and fresh water, enough set outside for her and her feral friends. Even when temps dropped below zero, I could not lure her in so my neighbor set her up with an outdoor shelter. I know KiKi’s the alpha female because I watched how other cats behave around her. She controls who eats here and which strays are allowed to cross my yard.

Then came Max, as in Maxwell Storm. I adopted him when a young girl knocked on my door with a gray tiger kitten in her arms. Would I please take her Stormy, their landlord said he had to go… should say that I took him in and KiKi adopted Max as she started coming into the house just to mother on him. I call her Mama now. And Max? He answers to Baby Boo.

So, I officially have ONE cat (Max) and feed the Queen, who allows select feral cats to share her dishes. They come in the night. Most totally avoid humans, so I rarely see them. Ye gads, Mars passed and I’ve become a cat lady.

Thanks for reading!