This is my show & tell page for home sewn fabric masks. Please contact me via email or Messenger if you wish to purchase… porch pickup is available on the south side of YO (Youngstown, Ohio). I also offer Free Shipping to USA addresses on orders for 3 or more.

Please know all quantities are limited. I try to keep this updated (add/delete photos) to show what is currently available but sometimes get behind.

Cameo Witches, 6 each

Halloween Sale… “Box Fit” Cameo Witches, 6 each or 2 for 10 while supplies last… I only made a few and mailed one off to my sister (maybe she will model hers? Odds are, she will replace the ear loops with a strap. They’re not sewn in, so it’s an easy switch.)

I call this design a “box fit” mask because it looks kind of boxy before you put it on and the cool thing is… you can flip it upside down and use it as a little trinket basket after the plague. All were cut so a cameo witch will be front and center when worn (partial witches on edges vary) and have soft gray cotton-rich sheeting on the inside, plush nose wires, and adjustable ear loops that can be removed if you prefer a strap. Please know the white is an off-white (not a bright white).

Zippered Masks, 10 each

SMOKERS: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK… cotton fabric is NOT flame retardant. Unzipping the mask also defeats the purpose of a mask, so practice social distancing while unzipped. What is shown is what’s ready and here… some go faster than I can photograph them.

Straw Port Masks, 10 each

Straw port masks have holes for drinking straws that stay covered at all times (the outside entrance for a straw is ye a half inch below where it enters the mask on the inside, with a tab to make it easier to find) designed so you can sip a beverages without de-masking while wandering around flea markets, pubs, or other public places.

Black Lace, 10 each

Pleated Flats, 7 each

Fitted Masks, 7 each

I’m told this fitted style is the most comfortable to wear and it is my favorite, too. Those made with casings (not reversible) have ear loops that can be removed/replaced with a strap or longer elastic, if needed.

Reversible Batiks, 7 each

Tot Size Batiks, 4 each

Thanks for looking!

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