This is my show & tell page for those who prefer to order via email or Facebook Messenger with a PayPal invoice instead of shopping online at my little store, Mice4Mars. Ask about availability… all masks in limited supply (contact info below). Thank you!

Birthday Sale: To celebrate turning 60 this year, all adult size masks are $6 each, with free shipping to USA addresses when you order via email or messenger and buy 2 or more. (Please note in-store shipping is $5 flat rate per order, so you save five bones by ordering direct.)

Summer Batiks

Buggies… A = Adult; C = Child Sizes

Summer Fae & More

Casual Dogs

  • 4 Tot Size (age 2+) $3 ea.
  • 5 Child Size (age 6+) $4 ea.
  • 2 Teen/Adult Size (age 11+) $5 ea.

Casual Kittens

  • 2 Tot Size (age 2+) $3 ea.
  • 1 Child Size (age 6+) $4 ea.
  • 1 Teen/Adult Size (age 11+) $5 ea.

Blue Paisley

Discontinued Blue Paisley masks. Your choice, casual or pleated style, sewn-in elastic, sale priced at $3 ea.

Bit crude… made when first learning how to sew pleated masks.

Experimental Witches

Playing with new fabric, trying out a new pattern… think they came out a tad too big.

Thanks for looking!

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