I’m toying with the idea of creating memes with cropped images of my original art. This is from Shifted, alcohol inks on Yupo, 2021.

The original is ACEO size, 2.5 x 3.5 inches. To create the meme, I snapped a photo, then edited the file with GIMP.

I’m not sure what rules apply for creating memes, just going by an observation that squares don’t need tapped to view when memes come across my feed. I also figured file size might be an issue, so I cropped & scaled the image before exporting as a jpg.

Should I make more? I posted this meme on my Mice4Mars Facebook page, which sorely lacks followers (my own family ignores it, too) so odds are, it won’t receive many likes or shares. Oh well, doesn’t matter. My joy is in the making. Thanks for reading!