May Day 2019

This is May Day 2019, an acrylic pour on a 10 x 10 inch wooden plaque. The painting flows over the 3/4 inch sides, so no framing required. My sister sees the black silhouette of a woman atop a cliff casting off people and things that are not good for her… perhaps because she knows me. I didn’t see that until until she pointed it out. That’s one thing I love about abstracts. The painting reveals different things to different people.

Here’s how I finished the back and how it looks on a blue wall.

It’s a good painting for my second post because it has already been posted on my other blog and I’ve yet to make this blog public.

I recently rejoined EBSQ as an artist member so I can offer their digital COA registry, but have yet to rebuild my portfolio there. All in due time. I’m slow as molasses, living life in Slo-Mo with ye 14 different things going on and weeds growing faster than grass in Ohio rainy season. It’s a nice day so I need to go out and tend some flower beds. Thanks for looking… which seems weird to say as this blog isn’t live yet, but will be soon.


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